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 Hello! My name is Dara and I am from Ukraine. It was a very cold and long winter this year and so i decided to travel to some very exciting places to escape from ice and snow. I love the camera and to be in front of it to show my nice body and to act a bit. Everybody says that I am pretty and when I look at those pictures from the last months, I guess they are right. My sizes are 90, 66, 90 and with 55 kg I feel very happy. The trip started in the wonderful city of Rome where I met lovely people and enjoyed the tasty Italien food. You can feel the history at many places and sometimes I wanted to experience how life must have been in those old days, when Romans were on top of the world. After this very hectic city life I decided to dive into pure nature and which place would be better then Thailand. My green eyes and dark blond hair mixed with the natural colors of the jungle in chiang mai, were the perfect ingrediens for some exciting photos. Every morning I practice yoga for almost one hour to reconnect my body and soul and on the beaches of Phuket I found the phantastic environment and the quiet atmosphere to start my days. When I stayed at those romantic little bamboo bungalows I had time to continue my studies and to complete my PhD in economics and accounting. After all that relaxing moments I needed to feel the energy of a vibrant city again and so I took off to Dubai. This city is very special and the influence of so many different cultures is something everybody should have experienced once in his life. I was surprised , to find next , to wonderful beaches, super big shopping malls and hundreds of different restaurants , also mountains . So I went to the hatta mountains and had a great photo shooting when the sun slowly went down and created that wonderful soft light on my skin. That night when I got back to Dubai I was dreaming of being a model and maybe one day the face of a famous brand. I wish you enjoyed my photos and hope to see you soon on the big screen.
 29 ani
 55 Kg
 174 cm
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